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2014 Clinical AAC Research Conference

September 19-20, 2014
Fontbonne University
St. Louis, MO

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Improving clinical service delivery for people who use AAC.

Welcome to the Clinical AAC Research Conference web site. The CAAC Research Conference is an annual forum for clinicians and researchers engaged in the study and clinical management of persons who use AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) .


The 2014 Conference Co-Chairpers are Dr. Gale Rice & Dr. Barbara Braddock and the Conference Program Chairs are Dr. Lisa Proctor & Dr. Susan Bashinski. The CAAC Steering committee directs the conference. Steering committee members include: Lyle L. Lloyd, Chair, Erna Alant, Elizabeth Hanson, Katya Hill, Filip Loncke and Richard Steele.



Presenters, researchers and graduate students are welcomed to register! Researchers are encouraged to invite graduate students they are mentoring to attend CAAC even if the mentee is NOT an author on the accepted paper. The Clinical AAC Research Conference NOW is open to professionals who have not submitted a proposal, but who are highly motivated in joining the discussion about elevating the type of research being conducted to contribute to the evidence guiding AAC research & development and clinical practice.

The CAAC Research Conference Funding

The CAAC Research Conference is funded primarily by participant registration fees and contributions by sponsors. A grant from AAC Institute provided startup funding. Administrative support is also provided by AAC Institute.

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