How to support your request for a SGD

Suggestions for individuals and families seeking an AAC voice output system.

If you think you will be asking a third-party payer, such as Medicare to fund your AAC system, you may wish to prepare from the start by providing the SLP with evidence to help support your funding request. You should educate yourself about the process and become familiar with the information on AAC/SGDs at this site and other recommended links. Note: A comprehensive AAC evaluation and the SGD funding request are two distinct, but overlapping processes.

Your AAC team will value information you can contribute on the following:

[ ] Your hearing status such as the results of any hearing testing. Please, make sure you wear your working hearing aid if you have one.

[ ] Your vision status such as the results of any recent vision tests. Please, make sure you wear or bring your glasses if you have them.

[ ] Your physical status if you are using any aids for mobility or a wheelchair. You may wish to bring along any type of assistive technology you are using to improve your functioning.

[ ] Your communication needs. You may wish to identify some goals for using a SGD to communicate and list some tasks you want to be able to do that are creating a challenge for communication.

[ ] Your physician contact information including name, address, phone number, and UPIN (Universal Physician Identification Number).

[ ] Photo copies (at least 3 sets) of the front and back of ALL insurance cards, i.e. private, Medicaid, Medicare.

Printable .rtf file.